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Secret Cinema

  Secret Cin

Jeroen Verheij aka Secret Cinema started producing as Meng Syndicate in 1990. His first record ‘Sonar System’ came out on the Hithouse label in Belgium (ARS) and was an instant rave classic. In 1993 Michel de Hey recognized Jeroen’s excellent producing skills and convinced him to release his music on Michel’s Immaculate Music record labels. A string of tracks that
shattered dance floors and charts followed under many aliases like Grooveyard, Point Blank and his most powerful identity: Secret Cinema. During 2008 the ever versatile Verheij broadened his horizon and hosted eleven Secret Cinema Invites events throughout the Netherlands. Many sold out, some were truly legendary like the Beach edition in Scheveningen that left the crowd screaming for more after over twelve hours of dance floor madness. 2009 will be the year in which the Gem Records label is launched. Promising artists like Peter Horrevorts and Egbert have been signed. Next to the label the early work of Verheij will be digitally available. 2010, Jeroen’s 20th year in the music business, promises to be his finest yet!